Dance Dads

We love our dance moms and dads, but this one is for the men. Kudos to the dance dads who support their ballerina (or hip hopper, or tapper, etc.). Here are the many ways my Dad supported me through the years:

-He suggested music. His love of music from the 50’s and 60’s opened me up to music and artists I had never heard before and fell in love with.

-He created scenery. He drew, painted and created a way to hang very special backdrops.

-He danced with me…on stage! I’m not talking about a cute father/daughter dance when I was three; I was in college. The dance school I was studying at offered the opportunity to dance with your Dad and we had a blast.

-My Dad created special lighting that blinked to the beat of the music for me to use at my performances. He also made special black lights-literally making the ballast and unit that housed the bulbs by hand.

-He was the transporter. We often joke that mom was a taxi driver, well then Dad drove the U-haul.  He would bring the props, scenery, costumes, etc.

-My Dad sat through numerous recitals and hours upon hours of dance shows. He also always gave an honest opinion after the performance!

-Now that I am the Studio Director, my Dad still comes to all the shows. He helps sells tickets. He might not be able to sit as long as he used to, but he still comes.

-The best is when my father told me he was proud of me. His approval and his displays of love and support mean everything to me. Thanks Dad! & Love You!

Pictured are the Dads and very special brothers, uncles, etc. that performed in our annual dance recital.  They are our superheroes.


Dress for Class

Wearing the proper clothing puts the dancer in the correct frame of mind for class and prepares them for success.

The school year will be starting soon and by now you are shopping for supplies. Clothes and shoes are probably on that list; don’t forget about dancewear! Wearing the proper clothing puts the dancer in the correct frame of mind for class and prepares them for success. The instructor can better make corrections and teach more effectively because the dancer is in proper attire.

While many dance schools have a uniform, we do allow our students choices about colors, styles, etc. Our ballet students are required to wear a leotard and tights to class with skirts a welcome option. We recommend a solid black or pink leotard with a matching skirt and pink ballet shoes. Of course, students are welcome to wear a blue or purple leotard, black tights, etc.   What’s important is that they wear clothing made for dance class. We also suggest split sole ballet slippers. Dancers are not to wear jewelry in class (for safety) and are instructed to wear hair up and pulled back off of the face and neck.

Pajama pants are worn to bed, a dress is worn to the prom, it only makes sense to wear the proper clothing and shoes to dance class. This goes for other styles of dance as well. Here are a few tips:

Tap Class: Wear capri style leggings so the teacher can see your ankles and feet.

Hip Hop Class: Wear comfortable shoes that offer support, we suggest a jazz sneaker.

Jazz Class: Yoga pants and a leotard work well for jazz, don’t forget your slip on jazz shoes!

Lyrical: Dancing bare foot is a wonderful option, but if you prefer check out dance paws or dance footies. These protect the ball of the foot and allow for ease with turns.

In every class, refrain from baggy clothes. These actually impede movement and ruin sight lines. The teachers need to see the students in order to give feedback. Dressing properly for class builds confidence and offers freedom of movement. Additionally, with so many fashionable options available, a classic, yet stylish look is easy to find. Happy shopping!