Take off the jewelry…

Almost every dance school has the rule: no jewelry in class. There are so many good reasons to follow this rule! Avoid the countless horror stories regarding injuries induced by too heavy of earrings or a collision with a ring. Let’s not forget to mention the stories about missing jewel stones never recovered. Protect your body and your jewelry by removing it before dance class. This goes for children as well.

Kids are adorable in their costume jewelry and it’s tempting to allow them to dress up like a princess for ballet class, but the jewelry often ends up being taken off, left behind, etc.   The jewelry is also a distraction and becomes a toy to play with. This interrupts learning. Set children up for success by sending them into class properly attired.

Jewelry is wonderful for going out for a night on the town or to wear as a dance costume accessory for a performance, but be smart and selective. Keep yourself, others and your jewelry safe!